Welcome to the Australian Prostate Centre  – Together for men’s health.

What will it take to give every man the best possible chance to treat and beat prostate cancer?

What will it take to get his life back to normal sooner?

What will it take to eliminate prostate cancer as a cause of death in men?

The Australian Prostate Centre is a medical facility like no other, uniting research, education, treatment and support in a one of a kind, world class setting in Melbourne’s medical precinct.

Our ongoing quest is to make sure we offer the world’s best practice in diagnosis, treatment and support and make sure it is accessible for all – regardless of insurance status – with Medicare billing available.


From leading a global prostate genomics project to developing research-validated models for treatment: in the last 10 years, our research into prostate cancer has resulted in remarkable changes for patients and improved treatments dramatically. Find out more about our discoveries and breakthroughs.


Driving education and sharing of knowledge on prostate cancer treatment and care has never been so important. We run the largest prostate cancer conference in the Asia-Pacific region and train GPs and nurses at the APC in Melbourne. We also publish The Manual, a cutting-edge publication on men’s health and prostate cancer.

Our Clinic

Our state of the art medical centre is located in the medical precinct in North Melbourne. Our model of care ensures that all patients, regardless of insurance status, can be looked after promptly and with the best research-validated treatment options available. We treat both men and women with a current GP referral.

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