Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation

Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) is a  minimally invasive procedure used to treat Overactive Bladder. It requires no hospital stay or anaesthesia. At APC, we treat both men and women with symptoms of Overactive Bladder with PTNS. It is effective regardless of age, and reduces frequency, incontinence episodes, night-time voids and urgency. Studies have shown significant improvements in quality of life.

PTNS delivers a specific type of neuromodulation that travels through the nerves in the Tibia (shinbone). During treatment, a small, slim needle electrode is inserted near the ankle. The needle electrode is then connected to the battery-powered stimulator.

During the 30-minute treatment, mild impulses from the stimulator travel through the needle electrode, along the leg and to the nerves in the pelvis that control bladder and bowel function.

Patients will receive an initial series of 12 treatments, typically scheduled about a week apart.

To access PTNS you need a current GP referral. See your GP to get referred, or call the reception team on (03) 8373 7600 to see one of our APC GPs.



APC offers this treatment as a bulk-billing service – there are no out of pocket costs to patients for receiving this treatment.

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