The Australian Prostate Centre applauds the State Government’s decision to contribute funding for the construction of a State of the Art Medical Robotic training Centre at the Australian Prostate Centre in Blackwood St, North Melbourne.

The Australian Medical Robotics Academy AMRA will be equipped with the latest robotic simulators manned by expert medical instructors, designed to train the surgeons of tomorrow in a safe environment before entering live surgery.  As further advances occur in minimally invasive surgery Victoria will be at the forefront of these advances, AMRA is uniquely placed in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, where it will integrate and collaborate with a number of Victoria’s leading medical and science groups.

The Hon Minister for Health Jill Hennessy’s office announced today, it would provide 2 million dollars to ensure the completion of the Robotic training facility by the end of 2019. The remainder of the funding will come from philanthropy.

This cutting edge facility will usher a new age of surgery that will change the lives of patients from right around the world. It’s more proof Victoria is a world-leader in cancer research and innovation”, the Minister said.

Australian prostate Centre’s CEO Mark Harrison said, “This significant injection of funds will ensure completion of a facility where all subspecialties of future surgeons have an opportunity to be skilled in an open collaborative safe environment prior to entering live surgery’. We are thrilled to be collaborating with the State Government, Qantas and Australian partners to establish an International Centre of Excellence for Medical Robotics in Victoria.”

Australian Prostate Centre provides treatment and care to Prostate Cancer patients and their families who are under insured, as well as educating the public on all men’s health matters below the belt.

APC’s dedicated research and educational achievements, innovations and collaborations feed into the best practice treatment and support services for the men of Victoria.


Media Contact: Jamie Wilczek 0488 414 782

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