Join us for a new Program Using Mindfulness Physical Education & Diet at the Australian Prostate Centre!

This weight management support group Encouraging long term weight loss through healthy lifestyle intervention.

Weight loss is not as black and white as energy input vs energy output. Learn how to independently manage your weight focusing on psychological, diet and exercise strategies.


0-6months: Monthly 90 minute education session with your multidisciplinary team

Regular emails and phone calls to check your progress at home

6-12months: Ongoing support including emails, phone calls and drop in clinics.

Multidisciplinary team

Clinical Psychologist: Address thepsychological barriers and relationshipswith food and exercise.

Exercise Physiologist: How much isenough? Considering your other healthconcerns how is the most efficient wayto exercise to manage weight.

Dietician: Nutrition and healthy eating,how ‘diets’ can be hindering your weightloss progression

Cost: $10 per person, per session

How to get involved: Contact APC reception on (03) 8373 7600 to get more information and to register. Limited spaces available.

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