No Man Left Behind

Supporting patients during COVID-19

Men are arriving on our doorstep with potentially lethal prostate cancer (20,000 men on patient files). At APC we provide all the necessary diagnostics and treatment for them without reducing our service. Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and will kill 3,300 men in Australia this year. 

With many of our patients requiring life saving chemotherapy, hormone replacement therapy or radiotherapy it becomes critical for us to continue the care that we need to provide from diagnosis and ongoing treatments.  Without our follow up, or ability to run our clinics, many of these men will be left in limbo.  

But we need your help. The centre is dependent on Medicare and philanthropy for our financial viability, we need funds to maintain these vital services during the pandemic. Keeping APC open and COVID-19 free, we can see many men who are waiting too long for urology outpatient appointments in public hospitals this will only worsen over the coming months.

Patients need your help now to continue to receive the care and treatment they need to fight prostate cancer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You make a donation of any amount to Keep Treating Men
  2. All donations go to patients who attend the clinic or receive tele-health services, regardless of insurance status.
  3. Clinicians, nurses and doctors receive vital funding at APC to Keep Treating Men

Alternatively download our donation form here

Nurses & Physios

$1,800 will provide:

Ongoing care of more patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more and more patients moving to tele-health services we need to be able to provide more nurses to ensure we can consult to them via our PROSTMATE service.

Doctors & Clinicians

$5,000 will provide:

Ongoing care of more patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

With more and more doctors being sought after through this period it is important for APC to secure, in advance, doctors to be able to treat prostate cancer patients ahead of time.  These vital funds will be able to ensure we have doctors rostered on.

Patients & Families

$10,000 will provide:

Ongoing survivorship clinics at the centre.

At a time that has heightened anxiety, stress and uncertainty, our ability to continue to operate vital clinics such as Psychology, Exercise Physiology and Pelvic Pain become critical

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