Making Prostate Cancer History.

Prostate Cancer Research is vital in the fight against cancer. It helps build our knowledge and understanding of prostate cancer so that we are continually improving ways of detecting and diagnosing cancer, and developing more targeted prostate cancer treatments to improve patient care.


Tissue Banking

We are one of only three Centres in the world selected to collect and interrogate whole genome DNA sequencing of prostate cancer. Through our tissue bank we are providing over 60% of the global samples of advanced metastatic prostate cancer for analysis.

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Pan Prostate Cancer Group

The Australian Prostate Centre is part of the Pan Prostate Cancer Group, a global group that collects and interrogates Whole Genome DNA Sequence & exome data generated worldwide from over 1800 men with prostate cancer, including men from different clinical categories & ethnicities.

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Genetic Research Program

Our research group is in a unique position having been at the forefront of discovery into identifying different types of prostate cancer at diagnosis over the last decade. We are now able to deliver a world-leading, intensive genomic analysis of a large cohort of Australian men with high risk disease.

The international projects we’re working on will deliver a number of outcomes that can significantly improve the care of men with lethal prostate cancer and yield new prognostic biomarkers which can discriminate between low risk and lethal disease.

Ironman Study

Worldwide more than 366,000 men die of prostate cancer every year. New treatments and therapies are on the rise, but we don’t understand which treatment and care practices deliver the best outcomes for men with advanced prostate cancer.

IRONMAN is the first International Registry for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer. The registry collects information about a man’s type of prostate cancer, their treatment and what side effects they may be experiencing. Collecting and researching this information will enable us to better understand what causes prostate cancer, how to stop or slow its progression, and how to provide the best possible care to enable men to live the best quality life possible.

The registry aims to enrol 5,000 patients in 14 countries. The Movember Foundation is the principal funder of IRONMAN.

PRECEPT (PRostatE CancEr Prognosis and Treatment)

PRECEPT is one of the three projects within the Prostate Cancer Research Alliance (PCRA), a three-year program which is jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Movember Foundation.

This research project brings together a multi-institutional, trans-disciplinary and international team, who, through their collective experience and expertise, are uniquely placed to make significant improvements to the outcomes of men with localised prostate cancer within the next 5 to 7 years by:

1) generating better methods to identify patients with lethal prostate cancer early in their natural history;

2) developing new treatment strategies for high risk disease; and

3) validating biomarkers that predict treatment response.

Head Coach

This project includes the development of a pilot coaching program, called Head Coach, which aims to assist men (age range 25-44, largely from the building and construction industry) to seek help in order to increase their physical health and psychological wellbeing. The project will include a variety of online learning approaches, development and provision of target resources and wellbeing measurement. Head Coach will complement and add value to the current services provided within the industry.

The Head Coach pilot programs major project partner is the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Positive Psychology.


Do behavioural heuristics play a role in patient decision-making in prostate cancer?

This project will help shed light on whether the way in which information is presented will influence a patient’s treatment preference, and to what extent. If we can show that the way information is presented has significant effects on how information is received and processed, this project can potentially challenge current informed consent practises, from which better communication strategies can be derived.

Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation

PTNS (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation)

PTNS is for patients that may have urinary urgency, urinary frequency or urge incontinence, which are associated symptoms of overactive bladder. The Urgent PC device delivers PTNS and can be effective for men and women. For the induction program patients have weekly (30 minutes) sessions during 12 weeks.

Patients are asked to answer some questionnaires before and after the PTNS treatment. These PROMs (Patient reported Outcome Measures) will report their experienced effects of the treatment. An abstract of one of our urology nurses about this research has been accepted at the 2020 USANZ (Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand) conference in Sydney.

Prostate Cancer Education

The APC educates with industry publications, fellowship programs and standard setting guidelines. And we bring the world’s best and brightest to Australia for the Prostate Cancer Congress every year to debate, share and explore best practice.

Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference

The need for increased education, improved treatment options and sharing of knowledge on prostate cancer treatment and care has never been so important. Every year APC presents a world-class Faculty of both International and National presenters, across streams in Clinical Urology, Translational Science, Nursing and Allied Health. In 2020 we are presenting a virtual conference due to COVID19.

GP Education

We run workshops, professional development evenings and information sessions for GPs at the Australian Prostate Centre for GP Continuing Professional Development, with CPD points available. We look forward to meeting you and showing you the Centre. If you would like to attend a session, please click below to view our program.

Nurse Fellowships and Training

The APC offers training opportunities for nurses who want to develop and enhance their skills in specialist urological and prostate cancer nursing in a multi-disciplinary clinically diverse environment. Find our more about out fellowships and scholarships.

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