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1 in 6 Australian men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer before they turn 85 – in 2018 an estimated 17,729 males will be diagnosed. Our focus is on research, education and treatment. We research for better treatment and a cure, we educate the community and raise awareness, and we treat patients, creating a health environment that pays attention to the struggle of people who have limited access to treatment. We reduce the anxiety and fear an irregular test result or even diagnosis can cause by reducing waiting times for diagnosis and treatment at the Australian Prostate Centre.

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With your support, we can continue our fight for men with prostate cancer and save lives.

Our donors help Aussie men survive prostate cancer to spend the best years of their lives with their loved ones. They support our excellence in research and education to find better treatment, care and a cure for prostate cancer. Every dollar donated to us directly supports men fighting prostate cancer.

The wish to leave a legacy of positive change is at the heart of our bequestors’ decision to consider us in their will or make a major financial contribution. No matter how big or small your gift, we will ensure that every dollar we receive is turned into positive change for Aussie men. We invite you to meet us and get to know our work up close at the Australian Prostate Centre. We can also discuss and plan weather your gift will be anonymous, or if you’d like to be recognised publicly in the Centre. Contact Kate Hatton on (03) 8373 7600 or email kate.hatton@apcr.org.au

We work with corporations and organisations to promote our cause of improving prostate cancer awareness and in turn receive corporate and workplace giving support. By working together, we are able to raise awareness and vital funds for prostate cancer. We build partnerships to meet your company’s needs and can create workplace programs specific to your needs.

We also have workplace giving options that might suit your employees wishes to donate to us regularly. Call our fundraising team on (03) 8373 7600 or email kate.hatton@apcr.org.au to find out more

There are many ways you can fundraise for Australian Prostate Cancer Research. You could participate in a sports event to fundraise, organise your own social event or an event at your workplace. Call our fundraising team on (03) 8373 7600 or email kate.hatton@apcr.org.au to discuss your ideas!

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